Ignorant Sözleri - Avoid-A-Void

Pushed you
Hold me
Just one more time

I tried to go so many times
I left you crying out for relief
These harmful moments we shared so much
And everytime I was running away

I long for you to feel your touch
These nights are like hell
There is nothing to cure
I want to be me so you want to be you
And all this love is like decay from drugs

Now I look back to all these years
We kissed all nights as we would die
Love was our disease
Finally got us down
A different sickness like poison in my heart

Destroying the guidelines of our lifes
I’ve gone too far so sorry babe
We’ve gone too close to hurt our souls
Now run for respite
Never felt like that before

Hold me, my love
We’ve gone too far
We’ve gone too far
Just one more time
Before I’m gone
Before I’m gone
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