Tom Is an Alien from Outer Space Sözleri - Avoid-A-Void

He’s got two strong arms and different eyes
And in his brain burn electric lights
He’s drinking pure phosphor, makes his skin so rough
He’s smoking strange stuff so he feels extraordinary tough

Tom is an alien from outer space
And tonight he is going to unmorph
He’s no boy but he’s no man
He is something you can’t never describe at all

The molecules get out of order
While Tom is going to cross the border
Of his human outfit
His space car will be tuned by mind
At hypergalactic speed you can see he’s kind

Don’t see it to the mother
When the kitchen is the ashtray
Don’t see it to the mother
Cause she get’s an herzinfarkt


From party to party you can see him ride
If he shows his alien face don’t be afraid
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