Amphetamine Zoo Sözleri - Deathboy

Stupid messed up kid
Just look at what you did
How did you get up here?
These nights are longer than the days

Stupid pissed up sod
Dripping tears, pissing blood
No one’s going to miss you
'Cause you move in different ways

Welcome to the amphetamine zoo
Point at me because I look like you
Oh, this’ll never do...
And I hate what you say, get away, I know it’s true

Paid for a day at the amphetamine zoo
Break my teeth but I can’t get through
Oh, this’ll never do...
And I hate myself far more than a whore like you

Clever setup boy
So full of hate and joy
They should have kept you locked
You’re dangerous when you get bored

Clever dressed up toy
Need attention, you annoy
Better to be hated
Than ignored

Highly strung and overwrought
Pushed me down until I fought
Say "thank you"
To the ones that made you scream

Highly rated, never thought
Built the trap that’s got me caught
Say goodbye
To all your dreams
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