Playing Grownup Sözleri - Deathboy

see the world around a glass
I’m playing grownup, late at night
The aches they used to make me smile
‘meant I was alive

Live inside around each other
we never let on how we suffer
I’d change the world for you
God knows you saved it for me

You know this isn’t right
I’ve half a mind to
No, I’ve just half a mind
Oh, pay the bill, this software has expired

I shouldn’t feel this old yet
my fingers numb and cold
no, turn away
because I can’t have you see me like this

another night
another drink
another chance to feel seventeen again

Put your hand into your pocket
So suprised at what you find
Cut yourself on memory knives
smash your saviour, never mind

why do I pour so much effort into
this pursuit
I said I’d never go back there
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