Lust Şarkı Sözleri - Easy Life

[Spoken Intro]
And then she looked at me and asked me if there were certain things that I lusted for
And I thought for a second and realised that really
All I lusted for was things
And she repeated the question
So I- I leant in and I told her
I said

I lust for a certain feng shui
Chandeliers and Chardonnay
Rose petals as cold rosé
Solid oak cabinets full of Cabernet
Unpolished concrete so grey
Wallpaper so suede
Platinum filling for my tooth decay
Porcelain ashtray
Unused bidet
Surround sound stereo when I press play
And we're sitting on our armchairs long
Left hand on a crushed velvet
Right hand on my Sauvignon blanc
And out of town three birds song
Refused on my body clock wrong

Just don’t go out the door now you're too far gone
Hit the road I'm too far gone

Out the door and I'm too far gone
Hit the road I'm too far gone
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