How I'm Coming (Remix) (feat. G Herbo) Şarkı Sözleri - Icewear Vezzo

[Chorus 1: Icewear Vezzo]
I’ll come act pint (Activis)
I been done came whole choppa cause those niggas don’t act right (Niggas Pussy)
I been done came 560 (Yeah)
I been done came drop head
That other bitch bout 560 (Half a Million)

I been done came white lows (Wooo)
I’ll fuck around come waverunners
I been done came V-Lone (That V-Lone)
We blew about three bows (Bout Runtz)
They sick I came home up
Wit more chicken than Leon’s (Up Nigga)

[Verse 1: Icewear Vezzo]
I been done came flower set (Yeah)
I been done came busdown
That 41 got flower set

Might fuck around come prone set (For Real)
I been done came gold-Dweller
I’ll fuck around come Rose next (Bitch)
I been done came dog shit (Yeah)
I up roll that’s 50 on me, they sick I came all slips (I Got All Slips)
Nigga I done came a long way (For Real)
They sick I keep bouncing back, might fuck around come all hits (Got All Hits)

I done came big loc (Drank God)
Got blood niggas I ball wit long live soda and rip loc (Rip Loc)
That bag dropping ten fo (Yea)
I’ll fuck around come home and I show you how to whip dope (Woooh)

You know I’m coming heavy check (Bitch)
You know them boys running late cause them niggas ain’t ready yet (Them Niggas Ain’t Ready Yet)
Spent 80 on this prezi set (Dancing)
Spent 80 for the Audemar, got drank you know we came wit Tech (High Tech)

I been done came purple jeans (Yeah)
I been done left the tag on em, that three hundred was worth the cheese (That Shit Light)
I been done came (Iced Up Records) (Big Ice)
I’m sick I came C.E.O, I been done came Off-White jacket (Uh) (Bitch)

G Herbo

Ill Come Rose Truck (Rose Truck)
Before they know I have they like what the fuck the hold up
Know I came Lamb truck
Coulda came 2 but my nigga oowhop jammed up
Came straight A range truck
None of them bitches in my name dumb cause I wasn’t even famous
Me and Macy came Porsche truck
Thats when they dropped the hellcat shit we was switching em both up
Then they hit him with a no bond
Had a 60 in a 20 bond then bonded out on both of em (80)
Then I just fell back from haven fun
Fuck around and had yo son and went on the run with another one
I be coming crazy
Made my first mil then I started coming lazy
Now Im coming like IM Jay Z back in 03
I just put another 100 up I could have went and bought a AP
Fucked 100 off with Elliott
But you already know that I dont even know why I’m telling ya
Fucked off like 60 off of trust though
And I spent a dub with Icebox just did that for the hell of it
My other piece GFec dit it
First chain was the 150 but why not I’m the president
And I bought a Scott dweller before that
Been fucking off the racks I bough a breitlin before a Rolex
I’ll come full effect
Ill come through and flex
I’ll come up with the rest
I;ll come right at yo neck
I aint Neva call for sex
I’ll do it with a text
I got stripes like a referree bitch I’ll come through with a tech
How im coming for the hood
Why don’t you come through and check
Killas come to me respect
I’ll come through with connect
I aint coming off the pussy
Gotta come for me with the neck
She hate how I come in her but everytime I Speak I’m correct
I don’t talk to police I don’t speak to a rat
I don’t pillow talk or speak on the net
If its real beef I got aimers for that
Its a reason for that
I been done came 30 mil
G herbo really no limit I been done came Percy Mil
Right now I’m coming Yatch Master
They Plotting on the outside but done came out with my glob blaster
But naw man who I think I’m Jiving
I got that money like I disappear who the fuck im jiving
Im coming different I don’t ran it up a couple times
I aint trippin off no how if she go you can fuck on mine
Risk my freedom fucking with my broad a couple times
Think im trippin its just I come for one of mine
Pussy boy Imma only tell you one mo time
Ya Eddie Murphy ass bet not cross that gun line
Police hot cause my lil young’s slid one time
But they be back on that ass soon as the sun rise
Fucking shit up check the eyes check the Suntimes
You know I pull up hit the half
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