Summertime Şarkı Sözleri - Orville Peck

Catch ‘em by surprise and chasing the horizon
- Nothing holds me down
Asking where the time’s gone, dreaming with the lights on
Trying to keep your eyes on something along the rise
You and I - bide our time
And I miss summertime

Catch ‘em on the run, they punish those who love young
- Never right on time
Watch each other falling, always catch the call and whistle while we’re walking
Something inside me dies
You and I - why oh why
And I miss summertime
Keep on rockin’ baby, keep on rising on the tide
(Somewhere along the rise)
Son of a gun and maybe we’ll be riding all night
(Something inside me dies)
You and I (you and I)
You and I - by and by
And I miss summertime

You and I (you and I)
Yeah, you and I - why oh why
And I miss summertime
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