Trina Şarkı Sözleri - Smino

Stay off my grass like Stanley
threw me cheeks on da beach
She sandy
Dat was my first time in Miami
Shawty played da Trina
like bitch I’m da baddest

Pull over dat ass too fat
Gold in my mouf
Like trick daddy
Slippin Slidin thru
take you to da house
Verse 1
You don’t know nann nigga dat did it like me
Shit got wicked just like keanu reeves
I held it down just like them piano keys
I just fucked two of em I was just on tour
I roll up two up it boost my IQ up
I poe dat Ju up and I damn near threwup
Surprise surprise
I’m a poster child I prollly win a Pulitzer Prize
Pull up in a ghost yeah I was in a poltergeist
My momma said they posed to lie
I look lil baby in the eye
Speak ya mind
She don’t understand me
Say she can’t stand me

Verse two
I’m off da tree
Like parakeet
U hating alone
dat must be embarrassing
Two freaks from da east
Dey wanna kick it
Ka ra tee
Carrots in my teef
Like ima vegan
Gotta floss oooh
I stay wit da camp
And do we ever flog nah
Did it large
Yea I did it large yall

You’on want da static
U a walkie talkie
Brown in da cup early
It ain’t coffee
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