Good Company (feat. Swae Lee, Quavo) Şarkı Sözleri - Tone Stith

[Swae Lee]
When you only call...
When you only call...
Baby, get comfortable, maybe hit me with your sorcery
Come and see me with company
Only if you keep good company
No, don't run from me
I know you won't run from me
Oh, look what you've done to me
Now look what you've done to me
Every time I smoke, girl you wanna breathe
When I drop the top, you can feel the breeze
Muthafuckas call 'cause they haven't seen you
When you lonely, call for romantic evening
All of the stressing starting to grow old
And all of the messages starting to get old
All of the stressing is starting to get old
And all of those messages are starting to get old

[Tone Stith]
Aww baby, get comfortable...
I'm about to do it like them others don't
I hope your body's flexible
I'm about to get real s****
If you don't tell, I won't tell
I keep secrets very well, aww yeah
I won't tell nobody how you got a body like 'Rari
How it's like karate when you chop it up with me all night, yeah
All of my exes starting to get old
And all them DMs are starting to get old
Look what you've done, made me jump the gun
She took my heart, and now she on the run
This is my place, this my 'Rari
Please don't violate, please don't violate
She wanna go with me on tour, she book like five dates
How can I say no? It's a Friday
Loving the way she smile, it look like Colgate
She got a nice a** and a cold waist
We do the poppin', she do the ridin'
When we do the shopping, we runnin' through wallets
Yeah, hair long like the islands
And she don't like violence, she don't like violence
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