Best Friend Şarkı Sözleri - YOUNHA

Sometimes when I'm lonely, I wonder why am I searching for you
I wonder when you bounce why I get angry, I don't know
sometimes when the rain falls, I wonder why you are calling
I wonder why I want to hear your voice, I want to know

so many hours laughed and cried
nothing can split our relationship
Sometimes I smile about seeing you as a man
When your hand grazes past me
The truth is my heart feels uneasy
Just we both when the long night dawns
But we're forever constant BEST FRIEND

Sometimes when I call you, I wonder why I steal a glance
I wonder why I have secrets in front of you, I don't know
sometimes when I cry, I wonder why you are hugging me
I wonder why my heart beats so much, I want to know

All the things we do together are all in my memories
each other is written in our deep hearts
(Is it friendship?) If you wouldn't be there, everyday would be a mistake
(Is it love?) just when I look at you I'm happy

I'm dreaming, I wonder this heart is a heart you too are in
All day long, when you're watching me what thoughts do you have?

Are you a friend for me? or a love?
I really like you...
I don't want to lose you, forever
You're too precious to me
Without you there wouldn't be me too, my love best friend
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