Liquid Gold Sözleri - BigBang

So when the time has come
For me to move beyond
And I still don't know
Which side I'm on

So maybe Jesus won't
Give me a smoke all right
Well I'm sure old Satan
Has got a light
But I've had enough of that
I'm gonna miss my mother
Enough of that
My sister and my father
Enough of that
And I'm gonna miss all my friends

I'm not gonna miss the jetset-monks
Or their fancy car
They can't ride, shoot straight
They can't play the guitar
They're good looking and they're rich
But oh so cold
Go on and fill your throat with liquid gold

I've had enough of that
You people are not groovy
Enough of that keep on living in your movie
Enough of that
And I know you people don't want me around
Wait an hour
Wait a minute
Wait a second
Now watch the bad
Here they're coming
Snaking in my line
Used to getting what they want
My oh my
What about
"Thy foot shall slide in due time"
Will you please step aside, sir,
If you don't mind?

I've had enough of that
How I miss my mother enough of that
My sister and father
But most of all
I'm gonna miss playing my guitar
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